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Gusto Payroll is our #1 recommendation for dentists. It's a cloud-based payroll service that automatically submits payroll taxes for you.


To see the three different monthly packages offered, go to this link here. We recommend the CORE package to our clients, but you are always welcome to upgrade.

Gusto's CORE package:

$39 a month + $6 per person a month. That's it. No extra costs for W2's, 1099's or quarterly tax filings. So if you have 5 employees, that's $69 a month. Simple.


  • Easy employee self-onboard online 

  • Digital paystubs

  • Easy Net-to-Gross payroll

  • Automatic tax filings, employee paystubs, W-2's

  • Accountant Access

  • Integrated 401(k)

  • Integrated Workers Comp

  • Contractor direct deposit

  • Easy cancellations

  • Lifetime accounts

  • Unlimited bonus and off-cycle payrolls

  • The best customer service, ever.

Integrate Gusto payroll with time tracking apps like homebase

Integrate with team time/scheduling apps like homebase and you won't have to ever enter hours into the payroll system. The integration between Gusto and homebase will do it all for you. 

There are many other options for team time tracking apps that integrate with Gusto. You can find some here:

Get our 20% Discount

If you are joining our Bookkeeping Services, please contact us for an invite into Gusto so you can get our partner discount of 20% and use our preferred payroll specialist to help get you setup. 

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